Real Flower Rings – Adjustable

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Solid Silver Jewellery made with Real Flowers in Purple Haze, Forget-me-not, Poppy, Mixed Flower and Heather.

The best ideas are often the simplest, this is just one of those ideas, beautifully executed so the colour and the beauty of each flower petal shines though.

The jewellery is hand-crafted in sterling silver, and the tiny flowers are encapsulated in resin.  The flowers have to be very carefully tended so they can be picked at just the right moment, so ensure the size and colour are at their peak. They are then carefully dried before being incorporated into beautiful jewellery.

No need to worry about ring sizes, this ring is adjustable, a gentle flex of the silver till a nice fit is achieved is all that is required, but as its solid silver, it does not care to be constantly adjusted, as constant movement will risk cracking.

Size (aprox.) 12 x 12 mm


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