Jo Downs – Minnow Fish Shoal – Wall Art – Aqua


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Jo Downs Minnow Shoal fused glass wall art, it will bring the colours and movement of the ocean into your home.

If you like the Atlantic shoal but do not have the space to let the Atlantic into your home, Jo has made this Minnow Shoal just for you.

This Art Installation, suitable for any room, with the depth of light and colour from the simple but very effective mounting system on the wall.   They have a translucent quality, this coupled with the brilliance of the blue means that during the course of the day and as the seasons change their appearance changes as the light hits them.

Art is not stationary but ever changing, and these shoaling fish epitomize this perfectly.

The Shoal comprises of 5 small fish. They come with a simple mounting system for you to create the perfect design for your home.  With full instructions and all the fittings included.

Each fish is approximately 17cm x 6cm, if one of the designs shown are used they cover approximately 60cm x 60cm,  but as you fit each fish that can be altered to suit your own needs.

Glass is not damaged by daylight, so these fish can be installed anywhere they will dazzle and impress.

Please note that due to lighting and colour representation on different computers,  the colour might well appear a little different from the appearance on your computer. Slightly lighter or darker, but still amazing,  I have included a range of photographs taken in different light settings to give you an idea.

These fish are designed for indoor installation.