Amanda Coleman Flamingo earrings


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A lot has changed in the 20 years since Amanda set up her first jewellery workshop, following her graduation from the Royal College of Art in London.  Amanda’s desire to share her love and wonder of the world around her is as strong and creative as ever.
Craftsmanship and detail are the heart and soul of Amanda’s designs.  It’s what gives her jewellery its unique style, turning the pieces into miniature works of art.  Only minutes from Midas, Amanda’s studio is in the cultural quarter of uphill Lincoln.

Nothing quite sums up a tropical paradise like a Flamingo. Pretty in pink, with it’s quirky long legs and finely feathered body, they are a comical bird that cannot fail to raise a smile.

The Flamingos sit on our half hoop earrings, which give all the benefits of a hoop earring with the ease of a stud. The earrings are beautifully detailed with the texture of the Flamingos feathers contrasting with the delicate detail of his long legs.

The Flamingo measure just over 2cm height and the overall earring height is just shy of 3.5cm.

With solid silver half hoop earrings and the Flamingo in rose gold plate on solid silver.