Advent Calendar – The Epoch before Christmas – pop and slot


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Lovely to give as an Advent Calendar for those not chocolate motivated, but most seem to be sold as a lovely pre-Christmas activity gift. To give and to build together with children or grandchildren?  Why not treat yourself to one, sit with a cup of coffee and get building,  get creative with how you display, a little snow, arranged slightly elevated on a spare cake stand, perfect to give your home that festive feel. This is how Christmas should be.

It does contain small parts so not ideal for the very young.

Made by our London friends at Roger la borde, who are always pushing the boundaries of design and illustration. This creative team work hard for visual inspiration, all to charm us with their eclectic and wonderful range. They claim to be fueled by passion and tea alone, but I am sure coffee must get a look in.

Contains 3 sheets with 24 cardboard pop out icons

Size – 400 x 260mm